...to love myself.
...to treat myself gently, with patience and respect.
...to accept responsibility for every aspect of my life.

...to be present, awake, aware.
...to be open to possibility.
...to leap with the intention of landing.
...to do amazing things.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Friday, July 08, 2016

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Swan Song

This is it. My final post to this blog.

It's been nearly three years since I opened shop and started hawking the hot fat. And folks, I have to say, it's pretty much all gone.

I had my 3-year post-op bariatric appointment today. Labs held steady--low in all the places expected to be.Weight stable. Talked about my recent spate of hypoglycemic episodes. Reviewed the year of eating disorder treatment. Dismissed with blessings and praise. There you have it. All's well...and now, for posterity's sake, recorded for all time in cyberspace.

This blog has been a catalyst for change...sometimes good, sometimes bad. It's taught me a lot about who I am, how people perceive me, how I affect that perception by what I choose to reveal.

I've learned that who I am is more than can ever be contained in the confines of a blog. I don't need any longer to look for myself--or even create myself--on these pages. Everything I am or will be is already inside of me. And I'm at a place--beautiful, serene and fully loving--where I don't need the approval, feedback or attention of anyone else to help me understand or love myself.

Do I regret WLS? No. Do I regret ED treatment? No. Do I wish things had worked out differently? Not really. Everything has been exactly as it needed to be for me to reach this point of self-acceptance. I guess that's been the goal of my writing since the beginning. And now, here I am. Time for something new.

The URL and all the archives will remain active. Feel free to come back and reminisce. Share the links with those whose journeys parallel mine/ours. Send newbies this way. Come back if you need a kick in the ass or a good laugh yourself.

I'm on to some new ventures and when those sites are up and running, I'll post links here. In the meantime, you can always email me at address in my profile.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the emails and comments. Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts. Thanks for helping me grow from Shrinking Violet into a Sassy Fatty and finally letting me be Just Jen.